Ciara - Goodies - 20th Anniversary Opaque Hot Pink Vinyl - 2xLP

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Expected release date is 27th Sep 2024. Note, product may be subject to changes in release date, as well as variation in characteristics such as track listing, cover art, and record color at the discretion of the manufacturer.

Product Overview

Ciara’s 4X Platinum debut album, Goodies, returns in a double LP vinyl edition this year to mark the 20thanniversary.  This iconic album boasts groundbreaking hits like "Goodies," which dominated the charts, the cultural phenomenon "1, 2 Step," featuring the incomparable Missy Elliott, and the seductive bass-hitting "Oh," with Ludacris. This album truly embodies the vibrant energy of its era. The reissued edition features two new bonus tracks and a fresh remix of "Goodies" from Dipha Barus. Now reissued in Opaque Hot Pink vinyl.