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Flock of Seagulls - S/T - 2022 Reissue - LP

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Expected release date is 17th Feb 2023. Note, product may be subject to changes in release date, as well as variation in characteristics such as track listing, cover art, and record color at the discretion of the manufacturer.

Product Overview

A Flock of Seagulls - Flock Of Seagulls - Originally released in 1982, A Flock OF Seagulls' eponymous debut reached the top 10 in the US charts, with the smash hit single, 'I Ran', climbing to number 9 in the US Billboard Hot 100. The album - with it's pioneering New Wave production techniques - received rave reviews at the time, with producer Phil Spector hailing it as 'phenomenal'. For this 40th Anniversary LP reissue, the album has been remastered and pressed on limited edition orange vinyl.
Track Listing:
1. Modern Love Is Automatic (2022 Remaster)
2. Messages (2022 Remaster)
3. I Ran (2022 Remaster)
4. Space Age Love Song (2022 Remaster)
5. You Can Run (2022 Remaster)
6. Telecommunication (2022 Remaster)
7. Standing in the Doorway (2022 Remaster)
8. Don't Ask Me (2022 Remaster)
9. D.N.A. (2022 Remaster)
10. Tokyo (2022 Remaster)
11. Man Made (2022 Remaster)