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Pretty Reckless, The - Other Worlds - Indie Exclusive Bone Vinyl - LP

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Expected release date is 17th Feb 2023. Note, product may be subject to changes in release date, as well as variation in characteristics such as track listing, cover art, and record color at the discretion of the manufacturer.

Product Overview

The Pretty Reckless gives rock ‘n’ roll the jumpstart it needs for a new generation, apparent on this new collection of songs featuring remixes, reimagined versions, and covers of their favorite tracks.


Track Listing:

1. Got So High (Remix)
2. Loud Love
3. The Keeper
4. Quicksand
5. 25
6. Only Love Can Save Me Now
7. Death By Rock And Roll
8. Halfway There
9. (What’s So Funny Bout) Peace Love and Understanding
10. Harley Darling
11. Got So High (Album version)