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About Us/Local Store

What a long, strange trip it's been...


From our beginnings online in 1999 to the realization of our brick & mortar store in 2010...then our new, bigger store in 2014, and then our second location in 2017, here's the story...

We Got The Beats was started by Tony on a webTV(!) in his apartment in 1999 when he discovered ebay.  He went there to buy music, but noticed so many of the CD's in his own collection selling on ebay for a lot more than what he paid.  So next time he went to his local record stores (All Books & Records, Uncle Sam's, Larry's Records, CD Heaven, etc.) - which typically happened a few times a week anyway because he is a music addict - he bought some things he thought others might be interested in, and gave them a whirl on the world wide web.

After one of them (a Whitney Houston CD single from the UK) sold for $110, Tony was hooked.

(Since Tony is actually typing this, he's going to stop referring to himself as "he" now, if you don't mind.  It feels a little crazy.) 

The name "We Got The Beats" was meant as both a hint that we focused on "the beats," i.e. dance, R&B, hip-hop - and a nod to another favorite/specialty: 80's music. Plus there was no availability for a website called "The Beat" or "The Beats," which were the original ideas. (Ha!) I think that was for the best.  Our name can get stuck in your head...

After what seemed like a lifetime in retail management and customer service up in New Jersey, and then a few years tending bar in Florida, I packed up whatever fit in the van and spent nearly four years traveling around the USA (with my kitty cat) in search of great music you just can't find at your local Big Box Mart. Selling much of it on ebay along the way covered expenses (keeping my faves for myself, of course.)

That trip was a blast! I found some great stuff, and even met some of my ebay customers and other sellers. I had the best time (and best finds) in Vegas, Memphis, Detroit, L.A., Austin, Pittsburgh, and Nashville. I was able to go to nine Mariah Carey concerts from coast to coast (and met her in Philly!) And I even got to go to the Grammy Awards that year. THAT was wild. (Prince, Sting, White Stripes, P-Funk with Earth, Wind & Fire...) Throw in visits to the Rock-N-Roll Hall of Fame and the Motown Museum, and it was a very music-oriented odyssey. Our story (and reputation) got around, and kitty and I were honored to be featured in a book called "eBay Powerseller Secrets" (Schep/Schep) and featured or mentioned in three other eBay books. 

After settling back down in Florida in 2005, what had been a strictly online business for a dozen years or so finally translated into a "real live" record store on Dixie Highway in Oakland Park in 2010.  This was a realization of a lifelong aspiration.  I tried to take what I liked and didn't like about all the music stores I'd visited all over the country, throw in a little funk and glam, and create the ultimate destination for dance music & more in South Florida.  

Initially, I took a lot of music I love that tends to be marginalized in local record stores - dance music, disco, freestyle, remixes, R&B music, hip-hop music, and especially CD singles and 12" vinyl singles - and put those front and center with lots and lots of selection.  We maintain the lowest prices in town and often price new vinyl better than Amazon. 

Eventually we outgrew the Oakland Park store, and closed it for good on Christmas Eve, 2013.  On Feb 1, 2014, we opened at our new, improved location - with (finally) a dedicated rock section, and plans to expand even further in the future.  Within the first year, we did.  Our next-door neighbor moved out, and we took over that unit as well, doubling our size to about 2,000 sq ft, and enabling us to have a "dance & soul side" and a "rock & hip-hop side."

The business has evolved much more into vinyl than CD's, but we still love and carry a nice selection of CD's - including lots of CD singles (with remixes woo hoo!)

Our rock department continues to expand, and as we learn more and more from our customers, we have gone beyond our mainstream top-40 rock roots (especially in the Lauderhill store.)

Our Fort Lauderdale store is probably still best known for our 12" singles collection - we carry thousands of them at a time and regularly get new collections from DJ's and collectors.  But fully half the store is rock music now.

In 2017, just after Thanksgiving, we opened our second location in Lauderhill.  I knew this place was magic the moment I walked in.  It's in the same plaza (just a few doors down) from where Uncle Sam's used to be, and right next to Tate's Comics & Toys and a great Tattoo parlor (and what I'd later learn is a little slice of Heaven - Shell's Kava Bar - love it!)

We built this one out with a slightly different flavor, while maintaining our brand. We still have more 12" than the average indie record store, but not as much as Fort Lauderdale.  We have deeper catalog on metal and jazz, a big selection of hip hop, and are increasing punk as we go.  This location is also the first to have a designated country section.  

The Lauderdale store was an instant hit!  It continues to grow and amaze.  Despite being about the same 2,000 square feet as the Fort Lauderdale store, there's no wall down the middle, which made for a much more open feel, room for a band, etc.  Plus there's an awesome upstairs loft where you can hang and play records with your friends, have a kava or a soda, etc.

We run no-attitude stores.  Listen to what you love, no judgment.  If we carry it, it's awesome.  Our staff is helpful and customer-service oriented (not like movies you see about record stores LOL.)

We're very excited about where things are heading and vinyl blowing up, and appreciate all the support from the South Florida community!

Hope to see ya soon - in the meantime feel free to browse the individual store inventories by selecting the appropriate tabs in the top navigation bar.

Thanks so much - we appreciate ya!

We Got The Beats Record Store

5130 N Federal Hwy, Suite #2

Fort Lauderdale FL 33308



We Got The Beats (Too)

4588 N. University Drive

Lauderhill FL 33351



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