Record Store Day 2024

Yep, it's that time of year again - RSD 2024 is April 20th from 8AM to 9PM at both We Got the Beats locations (Lauderhill and Oakland Park.)

Here's the official list of titles (subject to change.)
Most of you know the drill by now, but for those who are new to celebrating Record Store Day with us, here is a refresher so you have the best possible experience:
RSD merchandise will be alphabetized by first name, or by the first word of the title of soundtracks and 'various artists' compilations. If you come into the stores between now and then, we should be able to give you a general idea of how the layout will go.
New this year:
Instead of distributing wristbands the Monday before RSD as we have usually done, we'll start the previous week (Monday, April 8th!) This will give you more time to pick up your wristband in advance, and as always, your RSD-specific sale pricing begins the day you pick up your band. You'll have an entire extra full week of deals vs. what you usually have to shop before RSD. Woo hoo! (Specific sales TBA as the date approaches.)
Wristbands will be available both in-store and online beginning at noon on April 8, and each wristband will give you a designated time to come in and start shopping, so no sleeping outside overnight or lining up crazy early!
Wristband Specifics:
On Monday, April 8th, beginning at noon (we open at 11:00AM, so there will be no lining up before opening) you may come in to either store to get a wristband. (No purchase necessary.)
In-Person Wristbands:
You just go up to the counter at or after 12 noon on Monday, April 8 or any day thereafter, ask for a wristband, reach into a grab bag, and you will randomly get a numbered wristband within the earliest available hour and see where you are in line. We are going to distribute them in groups, so the first people to come in can't get number 100, they're going to get between 1 and 20 in Oakland Park, between 1 and 35 in Lauderhill. Once the first group has all been picked, we'll start the second group. We will continue picking the groups until we have given away all available wristbands as late as 10:30AM. If you don't get a wristband to come in by 10:30AM, anyone can come in without one starting at our normal opening time of 11AM.
Please do not show up before 11AM without a wristband and expect to walk right in. Without a wristband, you may line up as early as 10:30AM to enter at 11AM.
Online Wristbands:
Hold up - what about the folks who can't come into the stores on wristband day?
While there will be an advantage to coming into the store to get your wristband (you are more likely to get a better number that way) within each time slot, some will go to people who email us at a designated email address (email address to be announced on Facebook and Instagram before distribution day, so keep an ear out). This is meant for folks who cannot come into the store mid-day on a Monday, or the folks who live far away and can't drive over just to get a wristband, etc.
When you send an email to the designated address, that will auto-generate a form asking which store you wish to attend, how many people in your party and their names, etc. Submit that form, and you are entered into the queue for a wristband. We will email you back with your wristband number within 24-48 hours, depending on how busy we are.
Note: the email address method will only be available on day one, Monday, April 8. Beginning April 9, you will have to call in, as we will no longer monitor the special email address mailbox.
We have a good bit of RSD stock coming in, as always. We can still add some stock, or at least request more, so you're welcome to remind us of your wants, especially if they are more obscure.
Obviously, the big names, we buy heavy (such as Paramore, who are our RSD ambassadors for 2024.) If you like an artist who is a little more off the beaten path, we may not have ordered many - so, if you let us know, we may be able to increase our orders.
Please keep in mind we never get as much as what we order (neither does any other store in the country) given that RSD titles are often made in limited quantities. We will post the full list of titles titles with prices very soon, and we'll be sharing the quantities in which we'll be obtaining them as it's revealed to us closer to the event.
Just like previous years, per RSD rules, the soonest we can put remaining stock on our website is the next morning. (8am on Sunday, April 21st.
As always, expect some of our famous RSD blowouts on the day of the event.
If you have any remaining questions, our email, DM's and phone lines are always open, or we can always give an answer in-store!
4588 N University Dr
Lauderhill, FL 33351
Oakland Park:
840 E Oakland Park Blvd # 118
Oakland Park, FL 33334
You may RSVP on our Facebook event page if you like.